What We’re Up To: Advancing Woo 91 into the Digital Age

by Music Director Sam Corman Penzel

From an outsider’s perspective, Woo 91’s campus presence exists solely in the corner of the Wired Scot, directly on the beaten path of the Wooster student. Turn the clock back two years, however, and those involved with the the College of Wooster’s premiere radio station would receive outright stupor upon telling fellow students that the college had a student-run radio station. Now unavoidable to the uninquisitive eye upon moving to Lowry from its secluded digs in the Wishart bloc in 2013, the station has gained substantial exposure and subsequent interest from the student body. New DJ enrollment in the radio seminar has grown substantially over the course of the school year, adding roughly thirty students to the already impressive roster of veteran jockeys. As this number continues to grow, and recruiting efforts are strengthened by way of station promotion and a solid management core, it is of interest to both those involved with Woo 91 and to those wondering about the inner machinations of the station to elaborate on what one of the key parts of the management staff has concerned themselves with of late.

Myself, Brendan Youngquist (’16), and Eric Tonian (’15) are the residing music directors of the illustrious Woo 91. Eric, with his natural knack for communicating with record labels and micro-managing new releases, has eased easily into piloting the position of reviewing incoming submissions and keeping in good graces with the music distributors that have chosen to ally with the station. Brendan, recently returned from an enlightening semester studying philosophy in India, has been quick to assume the mantle of music-directorship. In addition to reviewing some new releases, he has joined me in my pursuit of tackling the near-fathomless mass of relic CDs leftover from Woo 91’s transit to Lowry’s underbelly. This point is worth elaborating on as this task, when completed, will achieve the intended effect of catapulting our beloved station into the digital age.

During the station’s move, its substantial collection of CDs was packed up, saran-wrapped into oblivion, and forced to hibernate in the service center until further notice. That notice came at the beginning of this school year when diligent members of WCWS’s management team painstakingly transported them a treacherous 500 feet to the basement of a nearby campus program house. Throughout last semester, members of the management staff worked to chip away at a task that many deemed, “impossible”. Music director Eric Tonian was quoted as saying, “This sucks, bruh”, on multiple occasions. Frustrations built and tensions were high as fall semester came to a close.

As the gears begin to turn in the radio machine this spring, I can proudly proclaim that the newfound energy that Brendan and other members of not only management but also the DJ body as a whole have brought to this arduous process have begun to prove it surmountable. With the help of our dear leader Warner Brownfield (’16) and diligent volunteer and DJ Kito Ashbey (’17), the music directors managed to plow through three cases (approx. 200 CDs) in a mere two hours, discarding many and keeping few. Our state-of-the-art sorting process refined and refreshed upon the burgeoning of a new semester, the coming months will see the music directors and any DJ with an ear for air-friendly music deliver the killing blow to the immense pile of old CDs. Once completed, the albums that have been selected for airplay will be downloaded to the station’s new computer system, providing all Woo 91 DJ’s with a more human alternative to our current automated DJ, DJ Quebbie. We are not there yet, but Woo 91’s devotion to quality programming and content combined with the resilience of both management and the DJ community will surely see a victory for good taste and technological advancement.

From The WOO 91 Music Library Archives

by Brendan Youngquist, WCWS Music Director


They Were Wrong, So We Drowned
by Liars

I first heard about Liars a few years back, as one of about a hundred artists featured in my favorite article Rolling Stone ever published (look up “Indie Rock Universe”). They were grouped as part of the celestial body titled “Spazmodica”, with the subtitle “Turn and face the strange–––interstellar wierdos fly high”. Now that I have actually listened to them, after stumbling upon their debut record, They Were Wrong, So We Drowned, in our archives, I see why they would have been described as “spastic” and “chaotic”, but I also hear much more. This is an extremely honest record by a striking and challenging group, which will simultaneously give rise to intrigue as well as aversion. If moved to describe their sound in terms of genre, I would be limited to the words “minimalist techno-punk”, but the magic in this record comes from its sheer radical (some might say “barbaric”) honesty. Moments which might in another context be called “angsty” here instead confront and overwhelm the listener with powerful animalism. From its elusive tribal-acid drum samples, to its spontaneous releases of distorted noise, to its ranting punk chants, Liars certainly present with this record something of a challenge, but a rewarding one at that. If you’re looking for music by a group of honest artists, give this record a shot. Key tracks: “If You’re A Wizard Then Why Do You Wear Glasses?” and “Read The Book That Wrote Itself”.

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From St. Petersburg With Love
by Julia Vorontsova

From St. Petersburg With Love is an ample package of 24 dark and sparse serenades from Russian songwriter and world-traveler Julia Vorontsova. Throw this on some cloudy morning, and quietly fall into a spell of cold and yet touching indifference, of a depth with which no amount of window-gazing and cigarrette smoking can keep up. The record is sung primarily in Russian, and I almost don’t want to know what she’s saying———it only adds to the viel of eastern European mystery shrouding these moody tunes.

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“Indie Rock Universe” – Rolling Stone

 Music To Listen To

Hello friends and strangers! We here at the station have decided to try and update our site with regular blog postings. My fellow music directors (Sam Corman Penzel and Brendan Youngquist) and I will be trying our best to provide all of you with a new music related post every week. This post is the first one of the series so I hope you enjoy. Also make sure to look for a new post next week.


The Newest and Grooviest Music of 2015 (and late-late-2014)

POND- “Man, It Feels Like Space Again”

A collective out of Perth, POND is back with their sixth LP in six years and it is just as psychedelic as you would expect it to be. With a significant number of POND’s members also being involved with Tame Impala, the new album “Man, It Feels Like Space Again” drips with drug-influenced Australian rock and has enough reverb and filter effects to soften the brain of any average human. You should definitely give this album a listen if you have had more than one day in your life dedicated to listening to The Flaming Lips and/or Tame Impala on repeat. If you’re still not sure if this album is for you, check out the song below and this music video for “Zond”: http://youtu.be/HNnd-gl_U4w

Aphex Twin – “Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 EP”

After a 13 year break from producing studio albums, the ever enigmatic Richard David James dropped “Syro” on us last fall. It certainly garnered quite a bit of attention, exciting both the Aphex Twin cultists and those relatively unexposed to the small world of acid techno. Keeping the hype strong, Aphex Twin has released a new extended play, the title of which explains its background; the sounds of the EP are made by acoustic instruments played by robots, which are (reportedly) created and controlled by James himself. While I am sure I could write an essay or two about the musical implications of this EP, I would rather you come to your own realizations so I encourage you to give a listen to the track below.

Beacon – “L1”

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Beacon is an electronic duo with a new EP out titled “L1”. Its tracks are ethereal and calming with a rhythm forceful enough to make you sway your head a bit as your mind drifts into a much needed catatonic state. Think ‘Thom Yorke making some solo tracks late at night, sitting in his quaint Oxford pad, influenced primarily by sleep deprivation and a little bit by alcohol and/or GHB’. While I don’t know if that image will help you, a quick listen to the track below may be of better assistance.


Rooms Trio Tonight

Tune in to Platonic Lethargy from 6-8 tonight to hear the Chicago instrumental jazz trio Rooms interview and play a live session on WOO 91.


Rooms Trio