Featured DJ: Chelsea Frey


Chelsea Frey

Senior English and Philosophy Double Major

About their show:​

Sad Songs & Stuff / Monday nights from 10-11

I play sad songs. I try to base each show on a theme (unrequited love, the moon, dancing, nostalgia) and I’ll usually start off the hour with a poem or quote (the ‘Stuff’ portion of my show). It’s getting harder to find new sad songs that are to my liking and fit a certain theme, so the ‘Stuff’ side of things may be open to interpretation in the future. Perhaps a moderately happy song or two will sneak in.​

What made you want to become a WOO 91 DJ?
I like music, and the notion of creating a show that could be whatever I desired was attractive to me. But honestly, a friend asked me if I wanted to do the tutorial with her and I said yes.

How has being a WOO 91 DJ impacted your Wooster experience?
I get to see more people via the station’s location in the Wired Scot.

Do you have a tagline/catchphrase for your show?
“Come be sad with me”

What are you listening to right now?
Marika Hackman’s new album We Slept at Last (specifically the sound of the ‘k’ in ‘neck’ in the beginning of her song “Skin”), Father John Misty’s new album I Love You, Honeybear, The Weather Station’s “Running Around Asking,” and The Shiver’s “L.I.E.”

WOO 91’s College Radio Day Celebration

Today, WOO 91 will be celebrating College Radio Day on the College of Wooster campus. Although the national holiday is not until October third, we will be leaving for Fall break at the time, so we decided to jump the gun and celebrate college radio with Wooster’s homecoming weekend!

There will be live music provided by Sedna’s Not Alone, Chelsea Frey, DJ Vudu and the Medicine Man, and Gabe Dale-Gau as well as free food and a great atmosphere.

Hope to see you all at the Lowry Amphitheater tonight from 5-8:30!

Check out the Facebook event too!



New Radio Seminar!

The fall seminar in radio started today, with a fantastic 21 students ready to learn the radio ropes. Led by WOO 91 advisor John Finn, this 6 session class will prepare and ultimately certify each participant to be a DJ here on WOO 91. Each student will also be mentored by a member of our management staff in order to get some hands-on practice in the studio.

We can’t wait to see the new ideas and passions these students bring to our station!

The New WOO 91 Website!

The new and improved WOO 91 website is finally here! Regular updates on the station, music, special broadcasts, and campus events can be found on this blog page, while a great deal of other useful information is in the other tabs above, including our new fall program guide!

Be sure to tune the dial to 90.9 FM in the Wayne County area, click on the iHeart link below when sitting at home or work, or go ahead and even download the iHeart radio app to listen on the go. While our website and location have changed, we remain, Wooster’s Sound Alternative.