Featured DJ: Bosslady Dempsey J. Simonis

DJS Summer

Dempsey J. Simonis / Bosslady​

Senior Biochemistry and Molecular Biology​ Major

About her show:​

“But Bosslady What did I do?”/ Sunday 4-6pm​

​Woo91’s But Bosslady What Did I Do? features hit new music from all genres with Host The Bosslady (Dempsey Simonis) and 2014-2015 co-host understudy DJ Monae (Ariell Miller). The show includes live random banter, word of the week, and a summery of current event at the College and National news. Live from Wooster, Ohio and iHeartRadio WCWS FM 90.9 FM.     ​

What made you want to become a WOO 91 DJ?

​ While in high school at Fountain Valley, I complete a senior project, doing a year long radio show. While at the College I wanted to continue my involvement in media and communications, while reaching a wider audience and a professional level. ​WOO 91 provide proper  training and platform.

How has being a WOO 91 DJ impacted your Wooster experience?

​I am more in touch with both the College and local community. This experience had enhanced my communication and public speaking skills.​

Do you have a tagline/catchphrase for your show?

But Bosslady what did I do?

What are you listening to right now?

​Hozier, J. Cole, Kayne West ft. Paul Mccartney, Goldfold … The entirety of the Rich Gang/YMCMB